Professional Services Case Study

Professional Services Company


A $40M professional services company delivering projects throughout Australia and internationally had lost its way. There was no strategic plan nor, business plan. The business had no clear marketing strategy nor business development or sales processes. Financial reporting was sound, but the business was facing severe financial circumstances in a tightening market place. Communication to staff in the business and indeed to clients was very poor. The business’ brand had lost it lustre and had run the risk of irreversible tarnish in the market place.


Trafalgar Business Advisory (TBA) provided a new C-Level executive to renew and invigorate the business. A programme of wholesale change was initiated. Tough decisions were made quickly, and the engagement and support of staff in the business was obtained through constant, open and honest communication. A plan to recover, improve and grow the business was developed and implementation began. The plan illustrated a clear pathway of the future for staff and necessary cultural change began to take place. A new brand promise was developed that engaged both staff and the market place.


The business was completely repositioned in the eyes of its customers. Procedures, processes and systems for marketing, sales and QA were inculcated and a new organisational structure put in place. The financial performance of the business improved markedly within 6-months with a significantly improved cashflow and profit position. The business continues to attract, retain and grow incredible staff and loyal clients.