Manufacturing Case Study

Trafalgar Business Advisory (TBA) was engaged by the owners of a manufacturing group initially to undertake a diagnosis of the business.


The group consisted of two businesses manufacturing in different industry sectors. The owners believed both businesses provided significant opportunities. Our diagnosis revealed that management time was constantly divided between the two businesses, personal assets were being diluted by poor business performance and one business was supporting the other.

TBA provided clarity on the actual (rather than perceived) circumstances of the group and identified the root causes of the under-performance. We undertook testing of both business models then provided hands-on support and mentoring to the business owners. It was agreed to divest one business and focus all energies on the one remaining business that had the greatest potential for growth.

An increase in facilities was agreed with financiers who took greater confidence from the new reporting systems and management checks put in place. Today the business continues to prosper and grow faster than system.