Business Plan & Strategic Planning

As the adage correctly states, failing to plan is actually planning to fail. And even though evidence confirms that less than 70% of strategic initiatives are ever delivered exactly as intended, operating without a clear, actionable, ongoing strategy is the most direct path to a declining business.



  • Do you have a vision for your business that is clearly articulated in a 3 to 5 year strategic business plan? If not, what form does your strategic plan take and how will it be implemented?
  • Does your business plan incorporate a forecast for performance using an integrated profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet model?
  • Has your existing management team historically delivered against similar type and scale of change initiatives?
  • What proportion of intended improvements are within your control and what is the implementation risk?
  • What specific risks exist, and how can you manage those in a downturn caused by events outside your control?
  • Are you equipped to manage external resources or specialists?
  • Do you have a robust implementation plan? What is the process for monitoring success and re-evaluating progress?
  • Who are you communicating with? About what? How often?


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