Annual Independent Business Review (IBR)

Our proprietary IBR reviews are designed to provide detailed and accurate insights into an SME’s current position including:


  • Quality of management and financial information
  • Cash conversion and working capital performance
  • Changes in performance over time
  • Key performance indicators relevant to stakeholders (financiers, shareholders, board)
  • Recommendations and certified independence


Your operation is analysed horizontally against industry averages and benchmarks and vertically over time. The IBR provides an accurate, realistic gauge on how well your organisation is performing and is drafted as an independent document capable of provision to credit providers and financiers as independently certified evidence of performance. A separate section of the IBR identifies areas of your business where opportunities exist for improvement.


Our IBR program has been created with input from a number of major Australian financial institutions. It has been designed to provide management of SME businesses with key insights into their operations at a date and over time.
With its certified independence, part A of the review is ideally suited as a document for presentation to credit providers and financiers.